The unofficial archives of Tiverton Town Football Club


The chart below shows the number of players to appear in a competitive match for each season since 1999-2000. Also charted is Tivvy's final league position.


Since joining the Southern League in 1999 Tiverton has used a total of 390 players. The simple graph below shows the month in which each of these players made their competitive debut. It is worth noting that of the total, 21 of these had played for the club prior to the 1999-2000 season, and are therefore not included in the graph.


In order of their first appearance from 1999 onwards, the following players had also played prior to the club entering the Southern League: Paul Edwards, Neil Saunders, Stuart Smith, Darren Tallon, Scott Rogers, Kevin Nancekivell, Phil Everett, Steve Daly, Dave Leonard, Richard Pears, Pete Conning, Paul Tatterton, Peter Varley, Dominic Richardson, Micky Fallon, Graham Waters, Hedley Steele, Martyn Grimshaw, Kevin Smith, Ian Nott, Mark Saunders