Match report

Paget Rangers 0 - 1 Tiverton Town

   Saturday 23/12/2000   Southern League First Division
Nigel Davis

It was cold. Very‚ very cold.
Only the foolhardy ventured out in such bleak conditions and this was exactly the sort of game worth missing as it was almost devoid of excitement. Once again the Gold Army voted with their feet and failed to travel - but they missed very little. At least Tivvy took a coach-load‚ plus the usual daft few who travel in from other parts of the country to see the Ambers. But‚ today‚ it was a case of watching the Whites‚ as Rangers are also yellow-clad. So it was a case of the frost-bitten watching the frozen. Yet‚ despite it all‚ we may look back at the end of the season and view the three points gained as crucial. Paget had‚ until recently‚ been the whipping boys of the division. Thanks to a change of management‚ this leakiness has been plugged. Yet Tivvy still managed to come away with all three points. And hard-fought it was too. The only goal of the game came four minutes into the second half when Nick Marker´s cross found the predator Phil Everett on the left-hand side of the six-yard box. His rising left-footed drive saw the ball crash into the netting and it was then left to the whole side to ensure that Paget never got into any rhythm. They succeeded well and‚ as yours truly did not brave frost-bitten fingers by making copious notes of this game‚ we will leave it at that. Except to say that there was a cameo appearance from Graham Waters who came on for the final few minutes of the game. It was his Dr Martens debut but I am sure he would rather have made it in the height of summer rather than the depths of winter...

Line up: 1 Paul Edwards‚ 2 Luke Vinnicombe‚ 3 Neil Saunders‚ 4 Paul Tatterton‚ 5 Nick Marker‚ 6 Scott Rogers‚ 7 Pete Conning‚ 8 Dave Toomey‚ 9 Phil Everett‚ 10 Steve Daly‚ 11 Stewart Smith.

Subs: 12 Steve Ovens‚ 14 Graham Waters‚ 15 Martyn Grimshaw.

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