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There are 47 players on record
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Josh Wadham        Oliver Wake        Mike Walker        
Phil Walsh        Nathan Walter        Jordan Walton        
Jake Wannell        Graham Waters         Webber        
Pete Webber        Phil Webber        Colin Weeks        
Ed Weeks        Paul Weeks        Roy Weeks        
Wensley        Ray West        Royston West        
Westcott        Bobby Westcott        Dan Western        
Jan Wheatley        Ben White        Brian White        
Ryan White        Tom White        David Wilkes        
John Wilkinson         Williams        Dale Williams        
Gareth Williams        Gordon Williams        Mikey Williams        
Gareth Williams (gk)        Lew Williamson        Peter Willis        
Kevin Wills        Aaron Wilson        Steve Winter        
F Wood        H Wood         Woodman        
Marcus Woodman        Chris Wright        Matt Wright        
Chris Wright (gk)        Paul Wyatt