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There are 66 players on record
Click on the players name to display more info, including any matches he scored in
Arthur Caley        Colin Campion        Sean Canham        
Brian Cann        Darren Cann        Reg Cann        
Carey        Dennis Carpenter        Gary Carpenter        
Perry Carpenter        Adam Carter        Ben Carter        
Ron Carthew        Aidan Chainey         Chambers        
Channing        Michael Channing        Jason Charlesworth        
Paul Chenoweth        Roy Church        Josh Clapham        
Clark        Chris Clarke        Luke Clarke        
Danny Clay        Ron Cleal        Kingsley Clemence        
Ben Cleverley        Carl Cliff-Brown        Paul Coates        
Dave Coke        Luke Cole         Coleman        
Alec Collard        Brian Collard        Paul Collard        
William Collard        Lee Collier        Steve Collis        
Steve Colwell        Josh Concanen        Damien Connery        
Pete Conning        Don Cooper        Nathan Cooper        
Dean Coppard        Darren Cork        Alan Cottrell        
Ray Cottrell        Freddie Courtney        Rob Cousins        
Bertie Cozic         Crabbe        Jack Crago        
Billy Craske        Mike Cridge        John Cridland        
Croft        Sam Croft        Derek Cruwys        
Dan Cullen        Morgan Cullen        Frank Curram        
Chris Curran        Joe Curtis        Mark Cutler