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Tiverton Town 2 - 1 Windsor & Eton

   Saturday 08/10/2005   FA Cup
Chris Bell

League matters were put to one side as Tiverton once more continued their assault on the foothills of the FA Cup in this 3rd qualifying round game against lowly Ryman Premier side Windsor & Eton. Croft came in for the cup tied Gardner as did Daly for Pears although he was on the bench with Mudge and Yetton starting up front. The visitors strip suggested that Christmas had already arrived in the Royal Borough‚ but neither side seemed in the mood to provide any festive fare as the game settled down into a scruffy encounter that unfortunately stayed that way for the duration.

It took six minutes for Tivvy´s first serious strike when Mudge executed a trademark turn and shot that bounced awkwardly on the greasy pitch just in front of Drake who saved well. Croft‚ who inevitably took time to settle in‚ was then beaten by the turn of an opponent and was only able to stop his run illegally. The free kick travelled across the box with Ovendale managing to grab the ball at the second attempt. The Royals then mounted a sweeping move down the right with the finish being saved well by Ovendale‚ but it was they if anyone who were creating the passing movements.

Winters then made an important tackle off the toes of an opponent running in on goal. Minutes later Croft conceded another free kick‚ which Carroll took‚ and Ovendale didn´t make good contact with. The ball was played back to the far post and without being under any great threat Winters threw up an arm and handled the ball. Wallace made no mistake from the resultant penalty‚ and the way Tivvy were playing against poor opponents it wasn´t obvious where a reply might come from. Indeed the score could have gone to 0-2 five minutes later when Winters completely missed his kick in front of goal‚ but luckily the opponent hadn´t banked on this and had turned away.

Then Tivvy started to show some threat with a number of attacks that finished with shots beating Drake but just easing past the post. Finally‚ out of nowhere an equaliser materialised‚ although to describe Booth who was MOM as nowhere is inaccurate. His contribution to the game should not be underestimated and it was he who‚ on yet another run down the right‚ played the ball into Mudge to nick onto Yetton who scored close in at the near post. Tivvy were now the better side and hopes rose that progress to the next round might be achieved. All that remained of the half was for Wallace to foul Milsom and then collapse in a heap holding his face. The referee showed excellent judgement in calming everything down and just having a quiet word before we all worked out how we were going to stay awake for the start of the second half.

The half started as the first ended with an opponent collapsing on the ground as Milsom ran clear with ball‚ but the official once more refused to be conned‚ player/manager Carroll receiving a yellow card for expressing his views. I wonder if he´ll fine himself? Tivvy continued their marginally improved form with Bale‚ who had an uncharacteristically quiet game‚ breaking down the right and crossing back into Mudge in front of goal. The ball arrived at a difficult height and Jamie could only get the outside of his boot to the ball‚ which allowed Drake to save comfortably. Yetton then broke and had his flick over a defender stopped by a handball. Mudge bent the resultant free kick brilliantly round the Royal´s wall but it came off the outside of the post.

Windsor then made their third substitution as Tivvy made their first with Holloway again stretchered off after a foul and Daly replacing him. Within five minutes Mudge had given Tivvy the lead. Booth again passed the ball down the right to Yetton who got in front of his defender and whipped in a cross Drake could only get a touch to. The touch sent the ball to Jamie and 2-1 it was.

Soon after Lewington was caught by a foul tackle from Daly‚ for which he received a yellow card. After some time Lewington was stretchered off and subsequently went to hospital‚ but the visitors had used all three substitutes so Tivvy found themselves up against 10 men again. With nothing to lose Windsor started throwing players forward and with injury time beckoning Ovendale was called upon to save well‚ the rebound going to Coyne who thought he had scored until Ovendale pulled off a second excellent save. Winters then nearly capped an afternoon he´ll probably be glad to see the back of when he just got to a ball into the Tivvy area and stretching blasted the ball onto the bar and over.

To succeed in football you have to be able to win ugly as well attractively. Today was such a day. 5000 in the bank‚ one game away from the big boys and no longer reliant on one striker for our goals. It may not have been the attractive cup tie the 531 who turned up had hoped for but it was a whole lot better than what we saw the following two hours.

This report ©2005 Chris Bell

Tiverton Town 2 - 1 Windsor & Eton

   Saturday 08/10/2005   FA Cup
Sam Lear

Tiverton carried on their good run of form after beating Windsor and Eton 2-1‚ despite falling behind.

Adam Wallace´s penalty after a Steve Winter handball gave Windsor the lead‚ but that was cancelled out by a Stewart Yetton slide and a Jamie Mudge tap in.

It was terrible conditions with Windsor constantly slipping up that however can´t be an excuse from a relatively poor side.

The first piece of action was after four minutes when Kwame Ampadu flew down the middle and laid a through ball to Stewart Yetton but his shot from 18 yards has held by Kieron Drake.

Tiverton were sluggish to begin with‚ it was more of a volleyball match than a football match. Tiverton were frustrated by a lively Windsor side. They had their first opportunity after 16 minutes when Wallace ran down the left and laid it square to Richie Wilson‚ whose drive was held by Mark Ovendale.

A moment of madness followed‚ when Steve Winter‚ somehow managed to handle the ball after a Justin Skinner cross from the left edge of the area. Wallace tucked the penalty into the bottom right corner‚ with Ovendale diving the other way.

Tiverton started to wake up after that‚ and Mike Booth surged down the right‚ twisted past Wilson and blasted a shot from the edge of the area across the face of goal.

In the 29th minute‚ Booth laid the ball to Yetton from the right‚ who slotted it past the defence to the running Mudge who blasted the ball wide of the right post from 12 yards out.

Four minutes later saw Booth nutmeg Wilson and played square to Chris Bale who laid the ball off to Jamie Mudge whose shot from 20 yards missed the left post.

In the 35th minute saw Tiverton grab their rewards when Booth again‚ nutmeged Wilson crossed into Mudge six yards out and scrapped it to Yetton who slid in to give Tiverton the equaliser.

The game wound down after that‚ with Tiverton well settled and started to keep the pressure up. When Mr. Robbins blew the half time whistle‚ most of the Tiverton fans were pleased with the comeback they produced. They were also delighted at the sight of Nathan Rudge running down the pitch unharmed.

Almost immediately after the re-start‚ Chris Cahill was down on the floor injured. The game did‚ regain its momentum‚ in the 48th minute when A Booth throw found Bale who crossed in from the right to Mudge‚ unmarked whose shot from six yards was held by Drake.

15 minutes into the second half saw Skinner slip with Mudge capitalizing and dribbled past Jamie Jarvis and his shot from 10 yards was parried for a corner. The Yellow´s tails were sticking up as high as one of Donald Trump´s famous towers!

Mudge had a free-kick 20 yards out and his effort bended past the wall and beat Drake but hit the post and bounced wide after 64 minutes.

A worrying sight for Tiverton fans was Chris Holloway stretchered off to be replaced by Steve Daly. It was the end of a fairly dire day for Holloway.

Daly was immediately involved when he sent a through ball to Yetton‚ whose shot from the right edge of the area was parried by Drake to Mudge‚ who took a touch and slammed it home from five yards out‚ to give Tiverton a deserved winner in the 70th minute.

Daly was again‚ involved but this time‚ for the wrong reasons when he was booked for a late tackle on Craig Lewington who was also stretchered off. Windsor‚ having using all their substitutes‚ had to play the remainder of the game playing with ten men.

Ten minutes later in the 85th minute‚ Jarvis was through on goal but his shot was deflected off Ovendale to Cahill‚ whose shot was blocked by Ovendale again‚ to a sigh of relief from Martyn Rogers.

Into injury time‚ Wallace nearly went into the scorebook for a second time‚ when his thunderous volley was tipped on to the bar by Ovendale for a corner. Tiverton fans were praying for the final whistle.

The last play of the game saw Mudge out on the right‚ who shot wide and was picked up by Booth‚ whose shot from the narrow angle was parried by Drake‚ to the whistle.

This could be the revival for Tiverton‚ who have pulled the heavy weight off Rogers´ back. Team Bath awaits.

Tiverton: 1. Mark Ovendale 7‚ 2. Steve Winter 7‚ 3. Shaun Goff 7 (15. Dave Hambly 88 6)‚ 4. Mike Booth 9‚ 5. Sam Croft 7‚ 6. Paul Milsom 6‚ 7. Kwame Ampadu 8‚ 8. Chris Bale 7‚ 9. Stewart Yetton 7, 10. Chris Holloway 5 (16. Steve Daly 67 7), 11. Jamie Mudge 5. Subs not used: 12. Kevin Wills, 14. Kurt Nogan, 17. Ian Nott.

Booked: Steve Daly, 75
Goals: Stewart Yetton, 35; Jamie Mudge, 70.

Windsor and Eton: 1. Kieron Drake 6, 2. Chris Cahill 7. 3. Richie Wilson 5 (15. Matt Bicknell 65 6), 4. Justin Skinner 6, 5. Jamie Jarvis 6, 6. Paul Holsgrove 6 (12. Craig Lewington 38 6), 7. Lee Kersey 6, 8. Lee Holsgrove 6, 9. Paul Coyne 6, 10. Dave Carroll 6 (16. Dave Smart 56 6), 11. Adam Wallace 8. Subs not used: 14. Matt Davies, 17. Craig Turner.
Bookings: Justin Skinner, 90
Goal: Adam Wallace, 21

This report ©2005 Sam Lear

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