Match report

Torquay United 2 - 0 Tiverton Town

   Tuesday 23/03/2004   Friendly
John Reidy

This 'mid-seson' friendly was arranged at such short notice that few people were aware that it was taking place, and even fewer could arrange to get down to the coast to witness it.

They missed little. It was the kind of game that normally takes place behind closed doors on a midweek afternoon, it's sole purpose being to give players recovering from injury and those normally warming the bench, a full 90 minutes of competitive football.

So low key was it that there was no press coverage and even JPR couldn't be bothered to take notes - apart from which it was such an excrutiatingly cold night that frostbite would have been the likely outcome of attempting to hold a pencil.

That United won 2-0 was of little consequence, the entire operation was pointless. Paul Milsom would no doubt agree as he picked up an entirely unnecessary injury.

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