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Tiverton Town 1 - 2 Crawley Town

Saturday 01/09/2001   Southern League Premier Division
John Reidy

Saturday was the first day of a new month and for many of the Yellows fans it was hopefully the start of a new era for their favourites. After a sequence of disappointing results it was a chance for a new beginning, a chance to lay a ghost or two that had metamorphosed over the last three games. For visitors Crawley there was also a ghost they sought to exorcise. It was not since Feb. 2000 that the Sussex side had won two successive away games. Monday's resounding 3-1 win at Kettering had filled their faithful with optimistic confidence that it was a sequence about to be equalled at the expense of Tivvy. Despite the outcome of the Isle of Wight trip and Bank Holiday's turning over by Weymouth the line up was the same. No new injury problems meant Stuart Smith was the only squad member unavailable and once more the alternative strike partnership of 'super' Stevie Ovens and Richard Pears were left to sweat it out in the sun on the bench along with the apparently eternally patient David Steele. Dave Toomey didn't even get that far, such is the plethora of strikers available at Ladysmead - though with so many one has to ask where are the goals?

It was the visitors that set about their role of 'Ghostbusters' with most enthusiasm as the match got underway, and Paul Edwards was soon in the thick of things as Crawley's first corner in the 5th minute led to a goalmouth scramble which was only terminated when Eddie managed to pounce on the ball and smother it . Two minutes later Nicky Marker failed to control a through ball, was robbed by Warren Waugh and it was again down to Eddie to save the captains blushes by dashing out to scoop the ball off the big strikers foot. Having weathered the early storm Tivvy at last found themselves in their opponents half and a sweet move that started down the right' ended with a series of cross field passes that left Dave Leonard unleashing a fearsome blast across the goalmouth. Unfortunately there was no yellow shirt at the far post to supply even the tickle that would have turned a chance into a goal. If the move offered the home fans hope, that was all it did. The old comments from the Western League days about the 'Yellow Army' being supplied with binoculars were being dragged out again. In those long gone days Tivvy used to sit back and absorb the pressure comfortably and then score on the break. Here there was a difference. Tivvy were not looking comfortable absorbing the pressure and when they broke too often they were not getting beyond midfield before being closed down or worse, just giving the ball away or getting caught offside by a ruler straight Crawley back line that moved as one. And even when they did get well inside their opponents half they were not safe. It was one such excursion after 20 minutes that led to Crawley's opening goal. Again the break came down the right flank but a tussle on the by- line left 'The Reds', who rather incongruously were playing in blue, with a free kick. The kick was taken from about ten yards further forward and five yards infield from where the offence took place, swept deep into Tiverton territory, touched diagonally across the edge of the penalty area and thundered first time past Edwards from 15 yards by the advancing Danny Carroll. It was no more than Crawley deserved. Tivvy were jolted into action. They started to string a few passes together and though for those behind the Crawley goal it was still mainly long range viewing the Yellows began to look as if they were fighting their way into the contest. A little bit of pressure led to a corner, Tivvy's first, after 31 minutes. Four minutes later more pressure and a free kick down in the right hand corner. Nicky was forward, no doubt hoping he might get on the score sheet, but just as he was about to make contact with the cross it was intercepted by a Crawley head and deflected for a throw in. The ball came into Phil Everett just inside the box. Phil had the ball under control but as he tried to turn goalwards over he went. Did he fall, was he pushed? Opinions were divided but the one that mattered was that of Mr. Cook of Gloucestershire who pointed to the spot. The programme had told us it would be Lynch. Whilst Crawley protested Tivvy debated and it was to be Kevin Nancerkivell. Similar penalty to the two against Weymouth. Same place but a lot more power and the net bulging to make it 1-1. It was probably more than the Yellows deserved from those first 37 minutes but you take what you can get and level pegging at the half time break was worth taking.

Martyn Rogers must have had the half time oracle going at full steam for it was a different Tivvy that came out after the break. Not only back in the game but on top of it. Paul Chenoweth left two defenders tangle footed after 4 mins to lay the ball across field for Scot Rogers but the youngsters shot was high and wide. Two minutes later and Lynch sent a shot flying off the angle of crossbar and upright, but guess what? It wouldn't have counted, he was offside. After 9 minutes Steve Winter broke down the right, sent in a beautiful cross that Andy Little in the visitors goal intercepted with Everett hanging in mid air just waiting to nod home and with 11 minutes gone the best chance of the game went begging. Phil Everett robbed a defender who was dreaming on the ball slid his pass sideways to Nanvekivell who lingered long enough to draw Little before slipping the ball sideways to Lynch who sidefooted towards an empty net. If he'd hit the ball it would have been the lead. As it was it was scrambled clear and 1-1 remained the score. Still the Yellows dominated. Winters again supplied a cross but this time it was Lynch who failed to make the right connection and when the same 'striker' was sent clear by Kevin Nancekivell but panicked and rushed his shot, sending it way wide the chants for 'super, super Steve' started. Crawley had done as Tivvy had at the start of the first half. They had weathered the storm and for ten minutes or so they began to get back into it and exert pressure. Then with 20 minutes remaining the changes were rung. Ovens replaced Lynch. Ten minutes later Pears for Everett. Still the Yellows looked promising. Ovens had an effort cleared off the line, Paul Chenoweth had his shot plucked out of the air by the Crawley keeper. Despite their second half dominance it seemed Tiverton would have to settle for a draw. Two and a half minutes into stoppage time and one last chance. A corner on the right. Too deep, nobody in yellow beyond the back post - how many times do we see that? - cleared up the Crawley right. Long ball into the middle to Warren Waugh, who had been notably anonymous through the second half but now had a free run on goal apart from the isolated Edwards. One chance, one strike, three points. Ghostbuster!

The evenings events in Munich might have taken our minds off things a little but Tivvy must stop being so generous to their guests.

Tiverton Town:  Paul Edwards,  Steve Winter,  Neil Saunders,  Paul Tatterton,  Nicky Marker,  Scott Rogers, Kevin Nancekivell,  Anthony Lynch (Steve Ovens 71),  Phill Everett (Richard Pears 82),  Paul Chenoweth,  Dave Leonard

Crawley Town:   Andy Little,  Stewart Holmes,  Ian Payne,  Keith Sharman,  Marc Pullan,  John Ugbah, Danny Carroll,  Dave Marlow,  Warren Bagnall,  Warren Waugh,  Jimmy Dack,

Attendance: 726

This report ©2001 John Reidy