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Tiverton Town 0 - 1 Chelmsford City

Saturday 13/04/2002   Southern League Premier Division
John Reidy

One of the first things I got to know about Tiverton Town´s astute and facially hirsute Chairman Dave Wright was that he was a CamRA man. Receiving the information vocally I will be forgiven‚ I hope‚ for thinking he was into photography rather than being a supporter of the CAMpaign for Real Ale. There are so many associations‚ clubs and societies that support and bring together people of various minority interests that things can get a little confusing‚ particularly when they said organisations start naming themselves in such a way that the initials form a nice‚ handy pronounceable word by which they can be known. It is many years since I personally had a passion that I wished to share in such a way‚ or indeed a passion that I wanted to keep to myself. In the long ago days when my dog showing activities caused me self conflict between showing hounds and being anti blood sports‚ I did toy with the idea of starting a sub branch of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds dedicated to the Prevention of Cruelty to Clay Pigeons but when somebody pointed out the error of my ways the notion was swiftly dropped. But what better time than the present to start up a group for the faithful fans of Tivvy who have suffered the seven or eight games of inconsistent performances. There must be many that surely deserve the support‚ and possibly even counselling‚ that such an organisation might offer. We could call it the Irrationally Devoted Idolises Of Tivvy Society (work it out for yourself!). There were hundreds of prospective members‚ obviously masochists to the man (and woman)‚ that took up their normal positions to watch the penultimate competitive game of the season at Ladysmead against Chelmsford‚ each of them hoping against hope that their favourites could finish the season with a flourish that would see them hold on to the fifth place they occupied in the table.

Those fans were lucky. They paid their money‚ went away disappointed and tried to forget about it. Yours truly had to go away and write about it! After a quiet start by both sides‚ the game‚ from the Yellows point of view‚ deteriorated from uninspiring through mediocrity and into the abyss of ignominy. They were awful. There were a few enlivening moments peppered throughout the game‚ mainly coming from right wing crosses from Steve Winter that found Phil Everett´s head‚ but certainly not 6´s worth. Chelmsford were more direct‚ controlled the ball better as it bounced high off the rock hard pitch‚ dominated in the air and were at least prepared to have a shot if they caught sight of the goal. Town were lobbing the ball forward to front men who were unable to bring it under control or even deflect it on to a team mate with any degree of accuracy. The goal came in the eighth minute. Steve Peters got his legs in a tangle‚ failed to clear cleanly and presented a Chelmsford player with a high ball that was headed over the top to Ian Cambridge bursting through on the left flank. Cambridge sent in a looping cross come shot that evaded Paul Edwards upstretched hand and dropped into the far side of the net. Not as quick a goal as City scored at their place earlier in the season but still too quick for Tiverton and a totally opposite reaction was drawn from the Yellows. Up there they fought back and took control of the game‚ here they sat back as if damage limitation was the order of the day‚ as Chelmsford ran the game. Twice in the twelfth minute Paul Edwards had to fall at the feet of forwards to prevent the deficit from being doubled and then for a while it looked as if the Yellows might have weathered the storm and be about to make a fight of it. Phil got in his couple of headers from Wints´ crosses and after some dangerous ´faffing´ around on the edge of the Tivvy penalty area Kevin Nancekivell carried the ball through the middle before setting Antony Lynch away through the middle. Lynchie gathered the ball cleanly‚ looked as if he was away and was then unceremoniously bundled off the ball. The reward... sweet f.a‚ not even a free kick? Everett completed the attacking moves for the first half with a shot that was a foot or so wide in the 27th minute and that was it. As Richard Hurst‚ the Chelmsford keeper retired to the dressing room at half time he must have wondered if he was going to get paid for his day off.

The half time break‚ and what took place in the Tivvy dressing room during it‚ failed to have any lasting impact on proceedings. Five minutes of moderately lively play‚ and then nothing. The hour mark saw the substitutes introduced. All three at the same time which would indicate that the management were of similar mind to the fans i.e.. unimpressed. That tactic had the same result as the interval‚ none. The Yellows ran around but went nowhere. They conjured up just one constructive move that flowed across the field and back in front of the massed ranks of white and claret shirts before the eventual forward spurt resulted in a corner. Scot Rogers took it‚ slipped it back to Paul Chenoweth who´s cross was blasted against the roof of the swimming pool end terrace by Peters. Other than a free kick that Cambridge crashed past Eddie´s upright and a Winter free kick at the other end that was easily defended‚ there was not a lot that happened that is worth a mention. The final whistle went‚ Hurst picked up his deck chair‚ flask and sandwich box: the picnic was over.

Chelmsford wanted it more. They got it. They showed greater skill. They adapted better to the conditions. They showed more effort and commitment‚ particularly their defence in which Brian Statham was outstanding. They deserved the points which all but confirms their Premier status for next season‚ and another trip to Billericay for the IDIOTS .If the pattern continues‚ Phil´s testimonial should be good‚ Hednesford bad‚ Kettering good. Or would it be too much to ask of the Yellows to make that; good‚ good‚ good! After this game‚ I think not. They owe us. I´ll be there at all three, but even I am beginning to question my sanity.

Tiverton Town: Paul Edwards, Steve Winter, Neil Saunders, Steve Peters, Nicky Marker, Scott Rogers, Kevin Nancekivell, Steve Ovens, Phil Everett, Paul Chenoweth, Antony Lynch.

Subs: Jamie Mudge (Nancekivell,60), Luke Vinnicombe (Marker,60), Richard Pears (Lynch,60).

Chelmsford City: Richard Hurst, Brian Statham, Chris Skelly, John Girling, Ian Wiles, Gary Cross, Ian Cambridge, Kevin Dobinson, Russell Williamson, Kris Lee, Ian Cousins.

Subs: Junior Samuels (Lee,70), Ben Eaton, Ben Fuller (Williamson,88).

This report ©2002 John Reidy