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Tiverton Town 2 - 3 Mangotsfield United

Wednesday 24/08/2005   Southern League Premier Division
Sam Lear

Tiverton´s poor start to the season continues‚ losing 3-2 to Mangotsfield‚ despite leading twice in the game. It was Alex Ball that won the game for the visitors‚ adding to the strikes by Luke Prince and James Zabek. Tiverton´s scorers were Paul Milsom and Stewart Yetton.

It has often been the case that Tiverton start games the brighter team‚ but this time it was Mangotsfield that shone early on. After just four minutes‚ an Ellis Wilmot corner found the head of Gary Warren ten yards out‚ his header being cleared off the line by Sean Goff. This sent some early shockwaves through the minds of the players in yellow. Four minutes later‚ Dave Seal dispossessed Tom Gould 30 yards out and was through on goal. Mark Ovendale was alert and quickly out diving to take the ball from Seal´s feet.

Tiverton began to get more into the game as time progressed. Bale had a blast from the right edge of the area that was well saved by Danny Greaves. Undeterred‚ Chris had another shot from exactly the same place‚ after 31 minutes. It was headed for the top corner and this time and Greaves could only parry it away. The resulting corner by Steve Winter found the Tivvy forward again. Again his shot was blocked. The rebound fell to Paul Milsom‚ who blasted the ball towards goal‚ but the keeper saved at the expense of another corner.

There was now a spring to the Yellow´s step. They squeezed up to break the deadlock‚ and were rewarded in the 38th minute. Kurt Nogan managed to avoid the attentions of two defenders and played a low ball in from the right touchline to Paul Milsom. Mils smashed home from 10 yards out beating the keeper down to his right to raise the roof off Ladysmead.

Two minutes later Tivvy had the ball in the back of the net again‚ but the linesman ruled it offside. Another good effort from Bale was stopped by Greaves and the rebound fell to Dave Hambly. He controlled well and fired high into the net. The official obviously considered a couple of Yellows left in the 6 yard box to be interfering with play. Those standing behind the goal begged to differ!

That concluded the first half‚ in which the Yellows came off the happier.

It was a quiet opening to the second half‚ as Tiverton decided to adopt the long ball game‚ whereas in the first half‚ they played the ball on the ground much better and created some good chances from the wings. They paid for giving the ball away too easily when a low shot by Luke Prince from the edge of the area‚ was judged to have crossed the line‚ despite Ovendale and Winter´s efforts to clear. The Mangos were jubilant.

Tiverton were intent on retaking the lead quickly with more players getting forward. They achieved it in the 63rd minute‚ when a high cross by Goff from the left was nodded in by Yetton. Town continued to press. Dave Hambly had a cross/shot from the left that just missed the right post to the relief of Greaves. Chris Holloway just failed to reach a cross by Nogan.

However‚ Tiverton had their usual jitters at the back and less than ten minutes later the visitors were back on terms. Mike Walker lost the ball in the corner and Zabek was allowed to run along on the edge of the area and slam the ball past Ovendale‚ with little resistance from the Tiverton defence. The Yellows lead was‚ again‚ too easily squandered.

The collapse continued five minutes later‚ when Zabek was again‚ allowed to run along on the edge of the area‚ but his shot‚ was parried away for a corner‚ to keep Tiverton in with a chance.

Both sides pushed for the late winner‚ Tiverton were almost panicking‚ as they hoofed balls to the forwards as quickly as possible. In contrast‚ more patient build-up play from Mangotsfield looked more likely to be profitable. In the 83rd minute‚ a poorly defended Mangotsfield corner fell to Alex Ball who volleyed home unmarked on the back post. Town looked condemned to their third straight loss.

Tiverton pushed and pushed for the equalizer‚ but they couldn´t find a way past the maroon and blue defence. They had a last chance in the 92nd minute‚ when a Steve Winter corner‚ was launched into the area. Everyone was up even Ovendale - in the desperate hope that a Tiverton player would get on the end of it. Mike Walker got his head on it‚ but a foul on the keeper disallowed the goal.

The final whistle blew to boos and jeers from the Tiverton crowd. There´s plenty of food for thought for Martyn Rogers and the Tiverton players. They play Gloucester City at home on Saturday and Yate away on Monday. Two games that Tivvy will be looking to grab points from if they hope to pull away from the wrong end of the table.

Tiverton: Ovendale‚ Winter‚ Goff (Friend)‚ Gould (Wills)‚ Walker‚ Milsom, Hambly, Bale, Yetton, Holloway, Nogan (Moor). Subs not used: Booth, Kelly.

Mangotsfield: Greaves, Ball, Shaw, Cousins, Warren, Zabek, Anyinsah, Wilmot, Claridge, Seal (Corbett), Prince. Subs not used: Howells, Casey, Price, Mogg.

Attendance: 546

This report ©2005 Sam Lear

Tiverton Town 2 - 3 Mangotsfield United

Wednesday 24/08/2005   Southern League Premier Division
Chris Bell

Only the second week of the new school term and already the ex deputy head and ex head boy from the Tivvy Academy are back at Ladysmead with their charges. Their early school report might read Have made a solid if unspectacular start to life in their new surroundings. Better things are expected of them. As for the home team the report is one to be hidden from the parents Have failed to realise their potential despite significant investment of time and money. Must do better. Discipline C-. With Nathan off with a sick note from Matron and Mudge kept back in detention for three weeks Nogan was preferred in the starting line up to Moor.

With only a few minutes gone Mangotsfield won a corner that was heading goalwards until Wints did a Cousins and headed the ball off the line. Prince‚ who had caused us endless problems last season when playing for Team Bath‚ carried on where he had left off only to be fouled on the edge of the area. Nothing came of the free kick but within minutes Seal had charged down a Walker clearance and was in on goal. However‚ one man stood in his path‚ Ovo‚ and as ever he came to the rescue‚ rushing out of his goal to narrow the angle and making an excellent save. Quarter of an hour gone and Prince again got down the left and put in a cross to the far post with no defender in site. Luckily neither was any opponent.

Tivvy then finally mounted a threat when Goff did well to battle for a throw in on the half way line. A corner then resulted from which Tivvy had a shot on goal that had Greaves stretching to turn it round the post. Mangotsfield came straight back with a skilful touch off from Seal to Prince running in on goal‚ but he was to be denied by probably the best tackle of the evening‚ beautifully timed by Wints running back. Shortly afterwards Milsom went to head the ball clear with Seals just behind him. Seals collapsed in a heap holding his face and a yellow card was shown. Sadly‚ more were to follow.

But Tivvy were now starting to play some better football and from a short corner they had a header kept out by the keeper‚ the rebound heading goalwards until it was cleared off the line. It wasn´t clear who the player was but no one would bet against it being Rob C. Soon after Tivvy´s improved play paid dividends when a throw in on the left was pulled back by Nogan to Milsom clear twelve yards out who made no mistake. Suddenly Mangotsfield were second best and Bale had a shot beaten out which was pulled back to Hambly who shot into the net. 2-0? No the linesman had his flag up and‚ given the ball to Hambly was pulled back‚ the assumption was that someone had been offside when the first shot came in. Half time‚ Mangotsfield unlucky to be down but relieved to hear the whistle and regroup.

The game was evenly balanced when with 12 minutes gone Walker committed what his manager deemed a silly foul on the half way line. When the free kick was played forward a shot came in that Ovo could only half save and it trickled over the line before a defender could hack it clear. Seal was congratulated but the tannoy credited Prince. Credit to Tivvy within five minutes they had gone ahead again. Bale‚ who had a good game‚ sent in a cross that cleared everyone but was recovered and crossed back in by Goff. The goalie failed to get there but Yetton didn´t his header sailed into the net. Yetton´s ability to make and win aerial challenges has been a welcome positive this season and he deservedly won MOM for his efforts.

Two minutes later it could have been 3-1 with Yetton again winning the ball‚ cutting in across the area and sending a cross field ball to Nogan on the left. He cut in and sent a dangerous diagonal pass into the area that Holloway rushing in missed by a bootlace on the six-yard box. However‚ as often happens‚ the score then went to 2-2. Walker lost a ball to Anyinsah‚ which was immediately worked to Prince and then to Jabek who had been getting forward to good effect. Particularly so on this occasion as he used the weight of the pass to turn past his marker and score. Both sides continued to threaten but it was Mangotsfield who struck the killer blow from a corner. The Tivvy defence was lured to the near post as the ball sailed over them to the defender Ball running in who volleyed home from the penalty spot.

Moor and Wills came on for Nogan and Gould but to little effect other than for Wints to collect a yellow card for a tackle on Prince‚ who else‚ and Moor the same for a boot high on an opponent.

There was time for Prince to break free again and Ovo to save well‚ whereupon Ovo then went up for a Tivvy corner from which Yetton got the ball in the net but the goalie had inevitably been fouled. The final sad chapter was Holloway being booked for a dose of the verbals.

So the Tivvy proteges went home showing they had taken notice of their early term report. The home side had frustratingly shown episodes of passing football that explained the pre season optimism‚ but had failed to sustain it. The state of their discipline report is something between the manager and his players. It´s to be hoped they find a solution very soon.

This report ©2005 Chris Bell