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Tiverton Town 1 - 0 Gloucester City

Saturday 27/08/2005   Southern League Premier Division

The run up to this game bore many similarities to the same fixture last November. Poor form by both sides in preceding games‚ the perennial debate over Tiverton´s formation‚ angst about tactics and commitment and the expectation of a low turn-out at the gate. If history does repeat itself then this meant that we were going to be in for another eight goal thriller. Unfortunately - although history does have a habit of repeating -miracles are far less common. The Tivvy faithful would just settle for a win‚ and a win is what they got just.

One change from the Mangotsfield game saw Booth in for Gould. Another saw Tiverton kicking towards the swimming pool end in the first half. It certainly wrong footed some Tivvy fans‚ perhaps it would have the same effect on the Gloucester defence. Early forays suggested it might.

In only the second minute a cross by Goff from the left was deflected away from an on-rushing Yetton by Nogan´s head. The ball then just evaded Holloway at the back post. Seconds later Yetton spun well in a central position 20 yards out but saw his shot go over. Other Tivvy efforts in the first quarter of an hour saw Yetton and Bale combine well on the right but the cross failed to find Nogan who was in a good position. Then Goff came scampering down the left again‚ finding Yetton with his cross but the forward´s effort failed to trouble Bath in-between the sticks.

This was enough to wake the Tigers up and they responded down the right. Good work by Harris and Lewis got Davis in around the back‚ the movement was good but his cross cum shot fell easily to Ovendale. Minutes later‚ Harris was forward again. Walker towered over him on the edge of the box but allowed him to turn. The number 2s shot cleared the Tivvy bar by a yard but the alarm bells were beginning to ring

However‚ if we thought the first of our eight goals was about to arrive we were wrong. The middle of the first period settled into a middling sort of game. Early Tivvy promise fizzled and subsequent attacks relied too much on the long ball. Not much found its way successfully between midfield and Messrs Yetton and Nogan. The Tigers looked un-Tiger like in their red and white strip and their play was also became bereft of bite.

Goff was a bright spot for Town. Surging forward again on 17 minutes he was brought down by Burns who went into the book. Winter curled the resulting free kick in beautifully‚ Walker headed down but there was no one there to finish it. The biggest roar so far came a few minutes later when Tom Webb left his foot in on Holloway. The Gloucester man went into referee´s book‚ another day he could have been off.

Play swayed back and forth. Mistakes were endemic in both sides. Whilst the crowd went back to silence‚ Rogers upped the volume from the dugout bellowing instructions and berating his players in equal amounts.

A high punt by Winter from the back found Nogan at the edge of the box. Kurt shimmied‚ the defender closed and there was a hint of a shirt pull. He went down but nothing came of it despite his appeals to Mr Lillington. On the half hour Hambly intercepted in midfield‚ forward to Nogan who put in Bale. The Tivvy number eight´s shot did little to trouble the Tiger keeper diving down to his right.

At the other end Gloucester were still getting occasional joy down the right hand channel. Knight in particular had good runs. Mostly though‚ the Tiger attacks were comfortably dealt with. Milsom´s presence grew and grew as the half progressed and Wints swept up the pieces well.

As the oranges and tea came closer‚ Tiverton seemed to find more rhythm. Midfield took ten paces forward and they looked more of a threat. Booth and Yetton combined on the right‚ Yetton´s shot was blocked but the resulting corner saw him go close with his head at the far post. Another corner and Nogan flicked it over the bar from six yards as he stretched backwards. Attack was still laboured but there were more chances. Yetton again found space 18 yards out but had his shot blocked. Booth began to get forward well on the right and nearly became provider for Yetton and Nogan on two occasions. There was promise now‚ but would half time come and snuff out the Yellows new found momentum?

Curiously‚ having now played some good stuff on the ground‚ it was Route One that led to Tiverton´s goal. It was in the 44th minute‚ with the oranges peeled and the tea well brewed‚ that Winter hopefully hoofed forward again. Goffy collected the ball well inside the area and‚ just as he shaped to shoot‚ Lance Lewis pulled him down from behind. Penalty - no argument from the Gloucester team. Steve Winter stepped up and rattled it in off the left hand post - 1-0.

The final action of the half saw Winter nearly undo his good work at the other end. .He and Ovendale played a game of after you Claude with the ball in their own box. Keith Knight nearly stole in but embarrassment was just averted.

Half Time - the faithful grumbled their way to the refreshments and Mr Rudge made someone 1000 richer in drawing the Lotto. We all came out for the second half trying to remember which end we were supposed to be up (should I rephrase that?).

Tiverton started the half sharply. Yetton nearly getting on the end of a Milsom free kick. Then a good move on the left switched the ball inside to Bale whose strike just curled a yard wide from twenty-five out. On 50 minutes Bale forced himself through again. It needed an early cross to Nogan but Chris´ chose to go for glory and saw his shot smothered by the keeper. Yetton was lively and causing problems‚ midfield stayed stepped up and had some fire in their bellies now. A minute later a dodgy Gloucester back pass put the keeper under pressure. His scuffed clearance from well out of position went straight to Goff 30 yards out. Hit it now‚ we all screamed silently. Sean took another touch‚ just time enough for Bath to regain his ground and save to his right.

Wills replaced Holloway who was carrying a knock. Tivvy continued to press. On 54 minutes Yetton combined well with Bale who was further forward now. Bale went close when again he had the option of passing to Nogan. Yetton had another shot blocked.

It was OK stuff from Tiverton but not convincing and gradually Gloucester came back into it. Nogan was robbed in midfield and Darryl Addis was well tackled by Walker as he bore down on goal. Lewis began to get well forward on the right‚ again probing Tivvy weakness there. On the opposite flank the diminutive but solar powered Harris zipped up and down skilfully. A cross from him on 64 minutes fell to Neil Mustoe 15 yards out. The Gloucester captain´s shot lacked power but had direction‚ beating Ovendale to his left. Steve Winter blocked the ball on the line‚ calmly took a couple of touches as red shirts charged down on him‚ and then cleared. A few minutes later Davis went close from 20 yards. Gloucester came their closest so far on 75 minutes when a weak shot by Davis was poorly cleared. The cross came back in onto the head of Lewis‚ unmarked on the six yard line. His header was just tipped over by Ovendale. The tigers had their tails up they smelt an equaliser.

Renier Moor replaced Nogan on 68 minutes. The change made a difference and Tiverton became more incisive up front. Good tackling back by Hambly put Yetton in but the ball got stuck under his feet and the chance was lost. Then Moor combined well on the left with Goff but Sean couldn´t find room for the shot. The last ten minutes. Legs were tired and the game opened up. Bale again saw a long ranger fly over. Another cross from him to Yetton found Bath´s gloves.

Meanwhile‚ Gloucester still pressed at the other end. Tivvy nerves jangled situation normal. Sub Randall tried a back heel at the near post and then Webb crashed a shot from 20 yards into the side netting. They were getting closer. In the last minute Randall found Lee Davis´ head at the far post. Everyone in Yellow held their breath. Everyone except for Mr Ovendale‚ who flew through the air to make a fantastic save to his right. We all breathed out and Mr Lillington blew the final whistle. Three points - just

Chris Bale got Man of the Match. Paul Milsom was the man of the match that this correspondent was watching. Good performances from Yetton‚ Bale‚ Goff and Booth with Ovo saving the day at the end. Cloudy with a few bright patches would be a fair summary overall. Discipline was much better today with no Tivvy names in the book.

Rejoice - it´s three points. But Gloucester are not a strong side and there is still much to be improved upon if Tivvy are to pick up more points against Yate on Monday and Bedford next Saturday.

Tiverton: Ovendale‚ Winter‚ Goff‚ Booth (Kelly)‚ Walker‚ Milsom‚ Hambly‚ Bale, Yetton, Holloway (Wills), Nogan (Moor). Subs not used: Friend, Gould

Gloucester City: Bath, Harris, Mansell, Thompson, Lewis (Randall), Burns, Mustoe, Webb, Addis, Davis, Knight (Kear). Subs not used: Wilkinson, Cook

Attendance: 471

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