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Tiverton Town 0 - 1 Bedford Town

Saturday 03/09/2005   Southern League Premier Division
Chris Bell

Whilst the rest of the country were pondering who had actually decided that England should play five in midfield the supporters of Bedford and Tiverton had more pressing matters on their minds. The away fans had to decide whether it was worth going to bed before setting out for the early kick-off whilst the Tivvy faithful hoped that last season´s Christmas revival was about to start early. As of much concern was the risk that Ovendale´s superb early season form would see him detained as he passed Cardiff on the way to Ladysmead and we´d see him on Sky turning out for Wales.

Tivvy´s changes were the inclusion of loanees Seabourne and Williams with Winters continuing as sweeper and Booth at right back plus‚ for some unknown reason‚ the swapping of dugouts with Dodge & co now in front of the Directors Box.

Early exchanges were pretty even‚ the first serious Tivvy threat coming in the 7th minute when a slick interpassing move resulted in Moor being fouled to the right of the penalty area. The Bedford defence failed to deal with Williams´s free kick and the ball pin balled around the area before being hacked clear. Tivvy continued to use the width of the pitch to better effect than in recent games and after a move that started on the left swept right and then left again Walker it was who had the final shot‚ which was comfortably saved. Tivvy were enjoying a marginal advantage but neither team looked likely to score. Typical of the few threats on goal was a good move involving Booth breaking down the right which finally resulted in a corner. This was played to the edge of the area where Hambly ballooned his shot over the stand.

With half an hour gone Tivvy´s passing game started to falter as Bedford came more into the game. Howe‚ who had shown good touches and had pressurised the Tivvy defence well‚ swept in an awkward ball the Tivvy defence struggled to clear and it was the turn of the home penalty area to stage a re-enactment of pinball wizard before it was finally cleared. But in truth there was little excitement or goalmouth incident as the half slowly wound down. Bale did well to turn his opponent on the edge of the area and curled in a shot past the far post with keeper beaten. The keeper then managed to drop a William´s cross but it fell behind Yetton and everyone went off to the tea hut in search of some excitement.

The second half started quietly and most of the 416 crowd would probably have put money on a 0-0 draw until the 57th minute. Tommy Smith used to say that some circumstances require a defender to make an ale house clearance no matter what level he´s playing at. One such was demanded of Seabourne who had an otherwise decent game‚ but on this occasion he made the wrong choice and tried to beat his man and pass the ball out. The increasingly impressive Howe robbed him and took off into the right side of the penalty area where he drove in a diagonal ball to the far post where Dillon was waiting to drill the ball into the net. The defence hadn´t looked particularly troubled and Wints had performed well in his sweeper role but 0-1 it was.

Tivvy came back with a strong run by Williams past a number of defenders but his final shot didn´t trouble the keeper. Moor then went down the left beating two defenders and passed to Bale who again shot just wide of the post. With Tivvy pressing Bedford inevitably had their chances and on the break they contrived not to score when it would have been easier so to do. Half an hour gone and Goff and Yetton combined to again put Tivvy´s main threat Bale in but his shot was well over. Crosses were coming into the Bedford area but there seemed no one to attack them and Bedford were happy to run the clock down and attack on the break if they got the chance.

One final Tivvy flourish involved a corner that Ovo came up for and made a more than decent aerial challenge. His opposing number crumpled in heap‚ as a number of his colleagues had been wont to do during the game‚ a miracle cure resulting on them hearing the referee´s whistle. To be fair to the official he had an excellent game taking control early and keeping it that way without being over fussy.

So no yellow cards but also no goals or points. The team is clearly lacking in confidence and with injuries and suspensions is never settled. The Chairman utters dire warnings in the programme if improvements are not forthcoming and 2250 at stake next week in the FA Cup. So no pressure then. Anyone want to be a Manager?

Tiverton: Ovendale‚ Winter‚ Walker‚ Booth‚ Seabourne‚ Milsom (Kelly 81mins)‚ Hambly (Goff 63mins)‚ Bale‚ Yetton‚ Moor (Nogan 71mins)‚ Williams. Subs not used: Gould

Bedford: Brown‚ Taylor‚ Lawley‚ Miller‚ Howarth‚ James‚ McElroy‚ Blake‚ Dillon (Draycott 85mins)‚ Howe‚ Rydeheard‚ Subs not used: Farrell‚ Winton

Referee: Kevin Pike Dorset

Attendance: 416

This report ©2005 Chris Bell