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Halesowen Town 4 - 2 Tiverton Town

Tuesday 28/03/2006   Southern League Premier Division
Tivvy Archive

It wasnt pretty at all from either side in difficult conditions‚ and neither team adapted particularly well to the mudbath‚ but the difference was that Halesowen took their chances while Tivvy barely created anything worthy of a mention.

Falling 2-0 behind in the early stages might not haved seemed such a tragic cause after Saturday´s battling yet uninspiring comeback‚ but tonight it was these opening exchanges which effectively sealed the match for the home side. Cite the flat-footed defence or the myopic goalkeeper if you must‚ the fact remains that an inept backline was exploited at will by the home side‚ every error punnished to the fullest.

Hambly pounced to pull one back only for that revered back five to falter minutes later‚ and Darrenr´s free kick which made the score 3-2 all but flattered us. We had two shots on target in the whole game and scored two goals. We had not one more meaningful effort‚ not one cutting edge chance‚ not one hope in hell of salvaging something from the game‚ and the Yeltz fourth on the stroke of half time just about wrapped up the evening.

Tivvy tried at times‚ albeit rarely‚ to pass the ball‚ but only Mudge looked worth his place in the team. The midfield were devoid of ideas‚ the defence were cumbersome and aeons off the pace‚ the goalkeeper indecisive and uncommanding. Milsom‚ Pears and Beddow offered nothing in support of Jamie‚ and Hambly‚ an early replacement for Gould faded after an energetic start.

This isn´t a "Must Try Harder" report‚ more a "Must Play Better" report. One can´t fault the work ethic particularly‚ but the lack of creativity was clear for all to see. A repeat at Cirencester in four days could well see us falling well into the wrong half of the table.

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