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Tiverton Town 3 - 0 Yate Town

Monday 28/08/2006   Southern League Premier Division
Sam Lear

J.K Rowling must have left some magic behind from her childhood in Yate. Yate don´t have the most illustrious history and the bird watchers were waiting for this bird to fall. It never came‚ instead thanks to an inspirational win over Tiverton last season; they floated ever higher and were unlucky not to ascend into places not even the most ardent of follower could have dreamed of.

However‚ it would have seemed that the magic had ran out when they visited a warm Ladysmead‚ Tiverton sensed revenge for their humiliation last season and although the game got off to an agonising slow start‚ the game sparked to life with a quarter of the game gone when Barry McConnell glided down the right and his long ball found the running Chris Holloway‚ who nodded the ball to Steve Flack who twisted and turned and the ball ricocheted back to Holloway who slotted the ball into a 'keeper less net.

Although Tiverton had the advantage‚ the battle was fairly even with neither side making any inroads. With the clock slowly ticking away‚ the first half was drawing to a close but with minutes to go of the first half‚ the pressure told on Tom Gardner gave away a needless penalty after fouling ex-Tivertonion Darren Edwards. The resulting kick blazed over the bar to the excitement of the lively supporters behind the goal.

Prior to the Second World War‚ Yate prided an aeroplane manufacturing industry. However‚ that was to be destroyed. Similarly with the second half‚ Tiverton dominated whilst Yate lost the speed and the firepower which the planes they produced would have had.

As time wore on‚ Yate were trying more extravagant tactics as to break the firm rearguard of the Tiverton line‚ which left Yate exposed at the back. This told when Tiverton counter attacked with Bale dancing down unchallenged through the midfield and thread a ball for veteran Steve Flack to run on to‚ with the goal at his mercy‚ he was hacked down by Scott Brice. McConnell stepped up and put the game beyond their opponents.

The bluebells failed to blossom and with the end near‚ a brilliant cross by McConnell met the head of Flack who found Holloway unmarked‚ and the Welshman made no mistake and ended the battle. With the Bluebells stamped on by the foot of Tiverton‚ the game ended with Tiverton finding themselves reaching new heights: the very top of the summit.

Tiverton Town: Mark Rock‚ Mike Booth‚ arren Davies‚ Danny Harris‚ Nathan Rudge‚ Tom Gardner (Chris Vinnicombe)‚ Barry McConnell‚ Crhis Bale‚ Steve Flack‚ Chris Holloway (Jamie Skinner)‚ Athony Mason (Kwame Ampadu)

Yate Town: Tony Court‚ Vickerman (David Seal)‚ Elsey‚ Scott Brice‚ Jeffries‚ Mayo‚ Wyatt‚ Loydon‚ Darren Edwards (Aaron Blakemore)‚ Wood‚ Cox

Attendance: 531

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