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Tiverton Town 3 - 4 Hemel Hempstead Town

Saturday 18/11/2006   Southern League Premier Division
Sam Lear

Tiverton: Sandercombe; McConnell‚ Vinnicombe‚ Booth‚ Harris‚ Thomas‚ Pepperell‚ Bale‚ Flack‚ Holloway‚ Mudge. Substitutes: Wyatt‚ Skinner‚ Gardner‚ Lammacraft‚ Croft.

Hemel Hempstead: Smith. Sinclair‚ Byrne‚ Wild‚ Gould‚ Hibbert‚ Kean‚ Herron‚ Sippetts‚ Lawford‚ Edgeworth. Substitutes: Yoki‚ Valenti‚ Mapes‚ Thomas‚ Chakaodza.

Referee: Mr. M West

Attendance: 414

Man of the Match: Nathaniel Pepperell

Match Rating: *****

A terrible second half display by The Yellows allowed Hemel Hempstead to somehow score four goals‚ despite being 3-0 down on the hour mark.

Tiverton dominated possession early on and it finally told when Vinnicombe´s freekick from the right was flicked down by Pepperell‚ which enabled him to lay the ball to Mudge‚ waiting to smash the ball sweetly into the top corner.

A Vinnicombe corner floated in behind Bale; however‚ he still managed to flick the ball through the backline - Holloway anticipated the magic and pulled the rabbit out of the hat by bicycling the ball past Smith.

The Yellows were cruising and the goals kept on coming. A great cross-field ball by Pepperell from the left found McConnell‚ who centred the ball to Bale‚ whose sweetly struck strike screamed into the top corner from 25 yards.

It all started to go wrong for Tivvy when Hemel pulled one back. Poor defending allowed Lawford to be through on Sandercombe but he squared it to Sippetts‚ who scored the easiest goal of his life.

Hemel´s tails were up‚ when a corner from Lawford met the head of Edgeworth‚ who nodded the ball into the top corner. Hemel were sensing the ultimate comeback.

The equaliser‚ scored by Yoki‚ was best of the lot‚ when a bolt from the blue from 30 yards out‚ flew into the top corner.

Sippetts scored his second and the winner with three minutes to go‚ when Mapes was able to turn and play the ball to Sippetts‚ who poked it home to send the away following into oblivion.

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